Crawl Space Sealing in Greenville, SC

Crawl Space Encapsulation before - after

There are those who say that some forces of nature just can’t be mitigated by the power of human actions. But at Steamatic, we show how untrue this is by offering crawl space encapsulation for homes in the upstate.

Fight Back Against Mold and Odors

Crawl spaces are prone to some of the more unattractive effects of nature’s extremes. Moisture in your crawlspace from the dark ground can seep up into wooden structures, creating a breeding ground for allergy-frustrating mold and mildew. Similarly, in the attic—or any other kind of crawl space—excessive heat and humidity can combine to create a haven for mold and mildew. With crawl space encapsulation from Steamatic, this problem can be dealt with in an effective energy saving fashion.

Special Encapsulation Does the Trick

Crawl space encapsulation means lining the inner surfaces of your Crawlspace with special insulating material. We can perform crawl space encapsulation on the flooring and walls of your crawl space. This keeps moisture from affecting your structure, and by extension, your living space.

Call us today to see how crawl space encapsulation could be an important part of preserving your home.